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Michael Fassbender


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This community is dedicated to up and coming Irish actor Michael Fassbender, who's versatile talents have been well displayed in films as diverse as Zack Snyder's Greek epic 300, Andrea Arnold's gritty coming-of-age tale Fish Tank, and Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds. 2011 is shaping us as another massive year in which Michael will be running the gamut between literary adaptation (Jane Eyre), big budget comic-book blockbuster (X-Men: First Class) to cerebral drama (David Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method). And in the pipeline? A possible jaunt to middle-earth with Peter Jackson's upcoming adaptation of The Hobbit.

This community exists as a place for fans to come together and share anything and everything about Michael and his career, whether it be news, images, media or fan art such as wallpapers and icons. Welcome, and enjoy!


No Flaming. We are free to disagree with each other but please do so in a respectful way. Anything abusive or deliberately inflammatory will be deleted without warning. And trolls will be shown the door.

Respect. Not just for fellow members but for Michael himself. Yes, this is an open community, but also a fan community, hence anything deemed derogatory shall be removed. And then I'll pull out a guitar and sing "Kum By Yah". Lets face it....NOBODY wants that.

Posting pictures. Picspams, yay! Feel free to post whatever you like - screen caps, icons, artwork - whatever! Share the Michael love, baby! But please, if posting more than two images, stick them behind a cut. And if they're not worksafe, warnings are always appreciated!

Credit. If taking any icons or artwork from this site, please respect any conditions the artist sets down with regards to crediting, not hotlinking etc. After all, nobody likes an icon thief. And even icon thieves don't like hotlinkers. M'kay?

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